Purpose: Creating a positive environment where excellence can be achieved is only possible if all TMEC families dedicate time to help the club. Parent support and involvement is vital to the success of our team.

Please read through our modified Service Hour Policy below

Starting April 1st we will have a new season of modified service hour policy for the April 1st through August 2021. This policy will be that all member families of the club will need to complete 20 hours of service by the end of August 2021 or it will be $20 per incomplete hour.

  • The purpose behind the increase of hours is due to that we are most likely going have to continue with temperature checks and sanitizing at our entrances along with bathroom areas, which means we will have jobs that need to be covered at every single practice for the next 6 months.
  • Since this will effect all groups in the club there will be NO exempt groups with this modified policy. In past seasons since majority of our service hours opportunities were available at monthly swim meets we exempted Stroke School, Precomp and Fitness who do not usually attend the meets. However though since now our hours are geared to the needed help at all practices we will be requiring these groups to complete as well.
  • Any hours completed before April 1st will not be rolled over. All members will start with 0 completed hours.
  • The board will continue to review the service hours through out the season and decide if any modifications need to be made. If modifications are made then an email will be sent out to membership alerting them.

Previous groups included and total hours: NOT our current policy

Groups :  Age Group #2, Age Group #1, High School Competitive, Bronze, Gold #1, Gold #2, Senior #2, and Senior #1.

Service Hours Required: 10 hours for Short course season (September –February) and 10 hours for Long Course Season/R/W Short Course Spring (March-August).
Total for year 20 hours.

Participating in any TMEC hosted event, either on deck or off at an away meet will be applied toward your required 10 hours per season.

Non Compliance

TMEC families with swimmers in the competitive groups will be subject to a Non Compliance Fee (NCF) of $100 per family if the 10 volunteer hours requirement is not met during the season.
For each hour worked, the NCF will be reduced by $10. Families who volunteer for less than 10 hours will be billed $10 for each hour less than 10.
Late fees will be assessed on any unpaid balances due by end of the designated season February/August.

All families are responsible for the job shifts they sign up to work.

If a family is signed up to work a shift and has not removed their name from the list prior to the event closing, they are responsible for working that shift or providing a substitute. If a family does not show up for a shift or does not find a suitable substitute for that shift, the number of hours you signed up to work will be added to your family commitment hours. Swimmers who are inactive for more than 90 days will be credited 2 hours per month. A letter or email must be sent to TMEC billing officer, giving notification of intent to be inactive for 90 days or more, stating beginning and ending dates.

New members who join TMEC will have their service hours pro-rated at 2 hours per month remaining and the removal of 2 hours per hosted meet completed already before joining. Those joining in late November or December will not be responsible for service hours for that year.

Members can roll over hours from Short Course to Long Course Seasons. However, hours do not roll over from Long Course to the next year.

TMEC Away Meet Service Hours
Your family is required to complete service hours at away meets that your swimmer participates in.  All swimmers attending a swim meet must provide a timer for the time assigned to them by the Away Meet Coordinator. Timers must be at least 13 years of age. TMEC will provide timing assignments based on the number of chairs required, the number of families in attendance. An email will be sent out to allow families the opportunity to sign up for a time IN THEIR SWIMMERS SESSION which works best for them.  Those families with swimmers in both sessions will be asked only to sign up for either the AM/PM session for that meet.
All slots not filled, will be assigned by TMEC staff to the remaining families in attendance of the meet.  In most cases you will receive an e-mail on the Thursday or Friday prior to the meet letting you know your assignment(s). Timing assignments will also be posted in the team EZ Ups at the swim meet.
If you are not able to work it is YOUR responsibility to find someone to work for you.
It is the timers’ responsibility to check in with the Timing Coordinator prior to starting your assigned session.  If you cannot find the Timing Coordinator on deck it is your responsibility to initial next to your name that you checked in and are on your way to your chair.

Noted: Board members are not exempt from this requirement.

The penalties for not timing at away meets are:
First Offense: $30
Second Offense: $50
Third offense: Meet sign up privileges suspended

This is strictly to help maintain compliance and instill some sense of recourse if necessary. As has been explained previously, we would much rather have your time, than your money.

Hosted Home Meet Volunteering
Your family must provide one adult volunteer for TMEC hosted meets this season.  The time required of each family depends upon the size and duration of the meet.   The Head Coach will notify the team how many hours are required per family once meet registration is completed.

Your family is required to complete service hours regardless of whether your swimmer(s) participates in the meet.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in an assessment of $40 for each hour not worked.

Proposed Draft Hours Avail.

Job/Descriptions Location Hours
Timing Chairs
Filling a timing chair at Away and/or home meets will count as time served towards volunteer hours.Person must show up for full amount scheduled and on time. If you have signed up for a timing chair and do not show up for your shift or have not made arrangements for a replacement to fulfill your shift, you will be assessed a penalty fee of $10 for each shift missed. All families must check in with the Timing Coordinator before the start of the meet.Volunteer other than a parent must be age 13 or older may satisfy your volunteer obligations, as long as the substitute can competently perform the volunteer task.
On Deck at Meet 1 hr
Timing Coordinator 

A timing coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all timing chairs at an Away meet. They are to ensure the timer information is correct, and the timers have arrived to their designated chair on time and stay for the full time scheduled. Timing coordinator will record attendance and provide information to coaches at end of position time. Morning and Afternoon shift at meet for 2 hours

On Deck at Meet 2 hr
Fundraising Committee Off deck TBD
Banquet Committee Off deck TBD
Medal/Ribbon Sorting Off deck 1.5 hr
Transporting pop ups Off deck/on 0.5 hr /pop up
1 hr for 10×20
Transporting pop ups to and from storage Off deck/on 0.5 hr /pop up
Sorting electronic donations from splash-a-thon Off deck/on 10-15 hr

Hosted Meets

Job/Descriptions Location Hours
Deck cleaning Lead On deck before meet 2 hr
Pre-Meet Pool Deck cleaning crew On Deck at Meet 1.5 hr
Pool Deck Set up and Tear down lead On deck night before 8 hr
Pre-Meet day pool deck set up crew On deck 4 hr
Transport Items from storage or back On deck 3 hr each way
Pool Deck area set-up On deck/on 3 hr
Information Booth lead Position On deck/on 14 hr
Information booth On deck/on 2.5 hr
Volunteer Check in On deck/on 2 hr
Hospitality Lead Position Off deck/on 11 hr
Hospitality On deck/on 2 hr
Head Timer On deck/on 2 hr
Pool Marshall On deck/on 2 hr
25 yard Event Staging On deck/on 3.5 hr
Event Flip Board On deck/on 2 hr
Awards Lead On deck/on 5 hr
Awards On deck/on 4.5 hr
Announcers On deck/on 7 hr
CT5 Computer On deck/on 6 hr
Swimmer Check in Lead On deck/on 7.5 hr
Swimmer Check in On deck/on 2 hr
Admin Runners On deck/on 6 hr
Pool Deck Equipment tear down and cleaning On deck/on 3 hr
First Aid on Deck **must be certified** On deck/on 13 hr
Snack Bar Lead On deck/on 14 hr
Snack Bar Grillers On deck/on 3 hr
Snack Bar Volunteers On deck/on 2 hr

CRC Home Meets

Job/Descriptions Location Hours
Items brought from storage to site Off deck/on deck 0.5 hr each way
Announcers On Deck at Meet TBD
Timing Chairs On deck night before TBD
DJ On deck TBD
Other Jobs approved by coaches and/or Board TBD TBD