Registration and Fees

USA Swimming (USAS) and Southern California Swimming (SCS) registration fees are required for each swimmer. SCS provides a specific form to be completed and signed by the applicant. New registrants must provide a certified copy of the swimmers birth certificate with the form.

The fees are paid annually to Southern California Swimming. The fees cover the period January 1st to December 31st each year. USAS/SCS will mail an updated or new identification card each year. Failure to pay these fees will prevent the swimmer from entering sanctioned meets. These fees also cover TMEC liability insurance so swimmers will not be permitted to participate in or around club events until these fees are paid.

TMEC registration fees are required annually.  The registration is held coincident with USA and SCS registration. New registrations are taken any time of the year. Forms are available in our on-line Library.

The City of Temecula requires that members who live outside the city boundaries (i.e. do not pay taxes to the City of Temecula) pay a $10.00 non-resident fee per swimmer per year. These fees are collected by TMEC at registration and passed to the city. TMEC leases the city’s pool facilities so the club is obligated to pass these fees to the membership.

Special Note: The registration process for the following year begins on September 1st. Registrations taken prior to September 1st are for the current year and expire on December 31st of the current year. This is for SCS registration, TMEC registration and Non-Resident fees.

New Membership

New members registering with TMEC for the first time may be permitted to have their dues discounted based on the table below. The club recognizes the fact that many of our new members will be starting in the stroke school program. This program has starting periods that are in two week cycles. The start of these cycles may cause a new member to only receive a partial months training for the first month. In those cases a discount of dues may be allowed. If a member’s first day of practice falls in the:

  • 1st full week of the month Full payment
  • 2nd full week of the month – $10.00
  • 3rd full week of the month – $20.00
  • 4th full week of the month – $30.00

During the first week of the program a member may determine that the program is not what was expected or not suitable for their swimmer. In this case a member may request a refund of dues only. This request must be made by the last practice day of the first week of practice. The TMEC fees are non-refundable and the SCS fees are not within the control of TMEC and therefore are not refundable through TMEC.

Monthly Dues

Monthly amounts range from $80.00 to $150.00 (see Training Fee Schedule) and are due on the 1st of each month.

Autopay is encouraged through your online billing account with echecks and Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards all accepted.

The swimmers that participate in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) high school swim programs must detach from TMEC during the high school competitive season according to CIF rules. TMEC supports the school’s training and competitive programs by affording these athletes the opportunity to continue training with TMEC (unattached).

TMEC provides a dues discount for additional “immediate family members.”

A discount of $10.00 applies to each additional immediate family member.

An “immediate family member” is defined for TMEC dues and registration purposes as one who resides at the same address and is a mother, father, sister, brother, child, spouse, grandparent; including step and foster relationships. “Immediate family member” does not mean aunt, uncle, cousin, or other relatives.

Dues payment invoices may be sent to each member via email on or about the 1st of each month. These notices will not be mailed or provided by any other means. To receive these notices a member must provide the TMEC Dues Director with a valid email address.

Failing to receive these notices, for any reason, does not relieve the member of the dues payment responsibilities indicated in the following paragraph. Dues payments are due on the 1st and late on the 16th of each month. Payments received after the 15th will incur a $25.00 late charge. Late payments, including the late charge, must be delivered prior to swimmer attending practice. Prorated or partial payment of dues will be returned as unpaid. Account(s) taking a full month(s) of practice off must notify the Dues Director, a minimum of 30 days in advance by e-mail or mail for dues waiver consideration.