1. Registration/Seasonal Fee: $50 per family

1.1. Stroke School: The fee is assessed at online registration and is valid for the swimmers entire progression through the pre-competitive program.

1.1.1. Stroke School swimmers moving into the Competitive Swim Team group will be assessed a seasonal fee at the next season.

1.2. Competitive Swim Team: The fee is charged twice per year at the start of the short-course season (September) and long-course season (February).

1.2.1. New swimmers joining the Competitive Swim Team 1-month before the start of the next season will not be charged for the up-coming season. (i.e. a swimmer joining the club in January will be not have to pay both the short course and long course fee).

2. USA Swimming (SCS) Annual Registration: $20 with 2 meet maximum or $72.00 per swimmer for unlimited meets

2.1. Paid via your Temecula Swim Club account or during registration and covers a January through December calendar year.

2.2. Current Swimmers: Pay annually in November

2.3. New Swimmers: Pay at registration before joining the team.

2.4. Swimmers may not train with Temecula Tritons Swim Team unless he/she is current with SCS registration.

2.5. There are two options for USA Swimming (SCS) Registration. (1) $20 required registration for a maximum of 2 meets per swimmer, per calendar year. (2) $72 for unlimited meets per calendar year

3. Monthly Training Fee: Depends on practice group

3.1. Monthly amounts range from $80.00 to $150.00 (see Training Fee Schedule) and are due on the 1st of each month. Autopay is encouraged through your online billing account with echecks and Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards all accepted.

3.2. A $10 discount per additional sibling swimmer
Monthly Dues
The following represents the TMEC training groups and the associated monthly dues schedule:

Stroke & Competition Readiness School

Practice GroupMonthly FeeLength of Practices
Stroke School #1$80.0030 minutes
Stroke School #2$90.0045 minutes
Pre-Competitive$95.0045 minutes

Competitive Groups 10-Under

Practice GroupMonthly FeeLength of Practices
Age Group #1$11590 minutes
Age Group #2$11075 minutes

Competitive Groups 11-over

Practice GroupMonthly FeeLength of Practices
Fitness$11060 minutes
High School Competitive$12090 minutes
Bronze$12590 minutes
Gold #2$12590 minutes
Gold #1$130105 minutes

Senior Level Groups

Practice GroupMonthly FeeLength of Practices
Senior #2$135120 minutes
Senior #1$150150 minutes

4. Swim Meet Entry Fees:

Varies Depends on level of meet and number of events to swim.

4.1. Amounts range from $18 to $40 per meet per swimmer. Head Coach(s) will identify travel swim meets in which the team participates. Members may sign-up online to compete in meets, and entry fees are invoiced to your account with payment 1 to 2 days before the start of the meet.

4.2. If enrolled in a meet and plans change after the Meet Entry Deadline, the fee cannot be refunded and your account will be charged (the meet entry fees have already been sent to the host).

5. Service Hours Requirement

5.1. Families of swimmer in ALL groups are required to complete 20 service hours per season.

5.2. Failure to fulfill the service hours requirements will result in a $20 per hour charge for unfulfilled hours at the end of each season.

5.3. Hours are tracked automatically as you work jobs.

5.4. Jobs are your responsibility whether signed up personally or by the head coach. Failure to fulfill or find a replacement will result in a $75 charge.

5.5. Prefer to not complete the service hours- There is a “buy-out” option.

6. Fundraising

6.1. TMEC is a non-profit organization. Participation by families in fundraising is necessary to keep dues down and swimming affordable. Families are required to participate in fundraising by contributing $100 per season. All families are required to participate, with the exception of our Stroke School, Fitness and Pre-Competitive groups. If you have a swimmer(s) in the exempt group and a swimmer(s) in another group that is non-exempt, your family is required to participate in the fundraising hours. Information on fundraisers will be made available through e-mail and on the website. The Ways and Means Director is in charge of fundraising.

6.2 The full fundraising policy and forms are available for review and download in the website library.

6.3 All fundraising events or activities need prior approval by the Board of Directors.

6.4 Those wishing to conduct a fundraising activity or event must first submitted an Events Request Form within a reasonable amount of time to fundraising@tmecswim.com where it will be processed.

6.5 All collected funds at the conclusion of the activity or event must be turnover to the Treasurer with all monies recorded on the Money Count Worksheet found on the website Library.

7. Past Due Invoices

7.1. Invoices not paid within 15-days of due date are subject to a $25 late charge

7.2. Invoices that exceed 60-days past due will subject the swimmer to suspension from practices in addition to jeopardizing entry into Southern California Swimming meets. The billing system and coaches will attempt to notify members when invoices are in the arrears.

7.3. Requests from members to continue practices while in the arrears must be presented to the board.

8. Late Swimmer Pickup

Swimmers have a 15 minute window from the end of their practice to be picked up. If swimmers are picked up after that 15 minute window then a $15 fee will be applied for each 15 minute window (ex: swimmer is picked up 20 min late then member will be invoiced $30).

9. Refunds

Refund Requests will not be honored once payments have been processed. In extenuating situations, WRITTEN requests with outside documentation (i.e. doctors note) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

10. Cancellation

To cancel membership, email tmecsecretary@tmecswim.org or coachnicole@tmecswim.org with the swimmer’s first and last name at least 7-days before the next billing cycle.