His 8 for 15 will rightly be the spell that people remember when they talk about this series, but the fact is that he has bowled superbly throughout.

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TMEC Team Records

GroupEventRecord HolderTimeDateLocation
6&Under Girls25 FreestyleSydney Jackson04:48.03/7/2009RST Eastern Committee Champs
6&Under Girls50 FreestyleSydney Jackson45:36.011/7/2008RAA Harvest Splash
6&Under Girls100 FreestyleSydney Jackson01:25.51/10/2009Hillside Aquatic Team
6&Under Girls25 BackstrokeEmily Moore57:36.07/9/2005Hillside ABC Max Meet
6&Under Girls50 BackstrokeSydney Jackson55:12.011/21/2008Mission Viejo Turkey AB
6&Under Girls25 BreaststrokeHarding40:48.07/25/2008TMEC
6&Under Girls50 BreaststrokeSydney Jackson45:36.01/10/2009Hillside Aqatic Team
6&Under Girls25 ButterflyHollady48:00.06/20/1999TMEC
6&Under Girls50 ButterflySydney Jackson36:00.01/11/2009Hillside Aquatic Team
6&Under Girls100 Individual MedleySydney Jackson01:42.81/11/2009Hillside Aquatic Team
6&Under Boys25 FreestyleLogan Cornellison19:12.011/2/2007RAA Short Course BRW Meet
6&Under Boys50 FreestyleTy Schneider33:36.02/9/2013RAA Eastern Committee Champs
6&Under Boys100 FreestyleTy Schneider01:36.06/23/2013MESA June RW SC Meet
6&Under Boys25 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison33:36.011/4/2006IGAT Fall Fest
6&Under Boys50 BackstrokeTy Schneider36:00.06/23/20132013 CA MESA JUNE RW SC Meet
6&Under Boys25 BreaststrokeKenji Obelander02:24.07/14/2001TMEC
6&Under Boys50 BreaststrokeKenji Obelander00:00.02/2/2000TMEC
6&Under Boys25 ButterflyParker Macy55:12.08/15/2010Eastern Committee JO Max
6&Under Boys50 Butterfly
6&Under Boys100 Individual MedleyTy Schneider01:48.46/23/2013MESA June RW SC Meet
7-8 Girls25 FreestyleKaila Geegbae09:36.011/21/20152015 CA PST Thanksgiving Invite
7-8 Girls50 FreestyleSydney Jackson48:00.01/23/2011TMEC JO Last Ditch
7-8 Girls100 FreestyleSydney Jackson01:11.81/22/2011TMEC JO Last Ditch
7-8 Girls200 FreestyleSydney Jackson02:30.41/23/2011TMEC JO Last Ditch
7-8 Girls500 FreestyleSydney Jackson06:19.02/18/2011RST- EC Spring Champs
7-8 Girls25 BackstrokeC. Tixier21:36.07/1/2001TMEC
7-8 Girls50 BackstrokeSonja Aarsvold43:12.01/4/2014CA RST BR Meet
7-8 Girls100 BackstrokeSydney Jackson01:22.02/19/2011RST- EC Spring Champs
7-8 Girls25 BreaststrokeSydney Jackson24:00.01/19/2010PSP Closed Invitational
7-8 Girls50 BreaststrokeSydney Jackson09:36.02/20/2011RST-EC Spring Champs
7-8 Girls100 BreaststrokeSydney Jackson01:34.52/18/2011RST EC Spring Champs
7-8 Girls25 ButterflyKaila Geegbae33:36.02/28/20152015 CA Sprint Pentathlon/IMX
7-8 Girls50 ButterflyEmily Tennant40:48.012/11/20102010 Winter Age Group Champs
7-8 Girls100 ButterflySydney Jackson01:17.52/6/20112011 SCS Younger JO's
7-8 Girls100 Individual MedleySydney Jackson01:20.82/19/2011RST-EC Spring Champs
7-8 Girls200 Individual MedleySydney Jackson02:48.812/12/20102010 Winter Age Group Champs
7-8 Girls100 Free RelaySydney Jackson
7-8 Girls100 Free RelaySabrina Hinz01:09.82/20/2010RST JO Max Champs
7-8 Girls100 Free RelayLiberty Gilbert
7-8 Girls100 Free RelayJosie Carlson
7-8 Girls100 Medley RelayJasmine Whitten
7-8 Girls100 Medley RelaySydney Jackson01:18.411/14/2009FAC Honoring or Hero's Meet
7-8 Girls100 Medley RelayEmily Tennant
7-8 Girls100 Medley RelayCarli Baldwin
7-8 Boys25 FreestyleTy Schneider21:36.02/28/20152015 Sprint Pentathlon/IMX
7-8 Boys50 FreestyleSammy Sanchez57:36.02/22/2014RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys100 FreestyleJustin Schneider01:10.72/10/2013RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys200 FreestyleJustin Schneider02:30.22/10/2013RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys500 FreestyleTy Schneider06:27.22/15/20152015 SCS - ROSE Club Champions
7-8 Boys25 BackstrokeTy Schneider57:36.02/28/20152015 Sprint Pentathlon/IMX
7-8 Boys50 BackstrokeSammy Sanchez40:48.02/23/2014RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys100 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison01:22.29/19/2008Elite Aquatics Fall Kickoff
7-8 Boys25 BreaststrokeKenji Obelander02:24.07/4/2001TMEC
7-8 Boys50 BreaststrokeJustin Schneider09:36.08/3/2013RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys100 BreaststrokeTy Schneider01:35.21/17/20152015 CA RAA EC Heats and Final
7-8 Boys25 ButterflyTy Schneider09:36.02/28/20152015 Sprint Pentathlon/IMX
7-8 Boys50 ButterflyHayden Cornellison45:36.011/7/2008RAA Harvest Splash
7-8 Boys100 ButterflyJustin Schneider01:24.42/9/2013RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys100 Individual MedleySammy Sanchez01:19.82/22/2014RAA Eastern Committee Champs
7-8 Boys200 Individual MedleyTy Schneider02:55.21/16/20152015 CA RAA EC Heats and Final
7-8 Boys100 Free RelayBenjamin Forsberg
7-8 Boys100 Free RelayLogan Cornellison01:10.34/12/2008MVAQ April Antics RW Meet
7-8 Boys100 Free RelayKyle Jackson
7-8 Boys100 Free RelayHayden Cornellison
7-8 Boys100 Medley RelaySammy Sanchez
7-8 Boys100 Medley RelayTy Schneider01:19.68/3/20132013 Eastern Committee Summer Champs
7-8 Boys100 Medley RelayJustin Schneider
7-8 Boys100 Medley RelayWilliam Spaid
10&Under Girls50 FreestyleCarli Baldwin33:36.012/9/20112011 Winter Age Group Champs
10&Under Girls100 FreestyleSonja Aarsvold01:02.612/4/20152015 December Club Championships
10&Under Girls200 FreestylePatricia Alvarado02:14.612/11/2011Mission Viejo Turkey Classic BR
10&Under Girls500 FreestyleMcKayla Sanchez05:53.62/18/2011RST- EC Spring Champs
10&Under Girls50 BackstrokePatricia Alvarado07:12.01/21/20122011 Winter Last Chance BR
10&Under Girls100 BackstrokePatricia Alvarado01:09.112/11/20112011 Winter Age Group Champs
10&Under Girls50 BreaststrokeK. Palmer50:24.011/13/1999TMEC
10&Under Girls100 BreaststrokeK. Palmer01:21.611/26/1999TMEC
10&Under Girls50 ButterflySonja Aarsvold48:00.012/5/20152015 December Club Championships
10&Under Girls100 ButterflyTara Prentice01:08.712/12/20082008 Winter Age Group Champs
10&Under Girls100 Individual MedleyPatricia Alvarado01:11.91/21/20122012 Winter Last Chance BR
10&Under Girls200 Individual MedleySydney Jackson02:34.211/17/20122012 Mission Viejo Turkey Classic
10&Under Girls200 Free RelayEmily Moore
10&Under Girls200 Free RelayTara Prentice02:03.42/1/2008SCS & GWSC Junior Olympics
10&Under Girls200 Free RelayAbby Buxbaum
10&Under Girls200 Free RelayMadeline Holcomb
10&Under Girls200 Medley RelayEmily Moore
10&Under Girls200 Medley RelayAbby Buxbaum02:15.92/1/2008SCS & GWSC Junior Olympics
10&Under Girls200 Medley RelayTara Prentice
10&Under Girls200 Medley RelayMadeline Holcomb
10&Under Boys50 FreestyleJustin Schneider36:00.02/16/20152015 CA ROSE SCS Club Champions
10&Under Boys100 FreestyleJustin Schneider02:24.02/14/20152015 CA ROSE SCS Club Champions
10&Under Boys200 FreestyleJustin Schneider02:09.22/16/20152015 CA ROSE SCS Club Champions
10&Under Boys500 FreestyleJustin Schneider05:45.42/15/20152015 CA ROSE SCS Club Champions
10&Under Boys50 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison52:48.010/17/2010TCC Fall Short Course Meet
10&Under Boys100 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison01:08.511/7/2010Hillside Fall Classic BR
10&Under Boys50 BreaststrokeKenji Oberlander50:24.03/12/20032003 CA SCY 14-Under JO's
10&Under Boys100 BreaststrokeKenji Oberlander01:19.13/12/20032003 CA SCY 14-Under JO's
10&Under Boys50 ButterflyJustin Schneider24:00.02/28/20152015 CA Pentathlon/IMX
10&Under Boys100 ButterflyJustin Schneider01:14.812/12/20142014 CA PST Winter Age Group
10&Under Boys100 Individual MedleyJustin Schneider01:11.32/14/20152015 CA SCS ROSE Club Champions
10&Under Boys200 Individual MedleyHayden Cornellison02:36.311/7/2010Hillside Fall Classic
10&Under Boys200 Free RelayJustin Schneider
10&Under Boys200 Free RelayMicheal Robertson02:05.12/16/20142014 SCS Club Champs
10&Under Boys200 Free RelaySammy Sanchez
10&Under Boys200 Free RelayTremayne Martinez
10&Under Boys200 Medley RelayHayden Cornellison
10&Under Boys200 Medley RelayKyle Jackson02:27.21/30/2010SCS 12&Under Junior Olympics
10&Under Boys200 Medley RelayBenjamin Forsberg
10&Under Boys200 Medley RelayHayden Cornellison
11-12 Girls50 FreestyleKelly Shahan45:36.011/20/2004CERR ABC 11/04
11-12 Girls100 FreestyleKate Santilena52:48.011/2/2007RAA SCY BRW Meet
11-12 Girls200 FreestyleKate Santilena02:02.810/6/2007SI PS Freestyle Festival
11-12 Girls500 FreestyleSydney Jackson05:21.72/15/20152015 SCS ROSE Club Champions
11-12 Girls1000 FreestyleSydney Jackson11:16.42/13/20152015 SCS ROSE Club Champions
11-12 Girls1650 FreestyleKate Santilena18:45.011/2/2007RAA SCY BRW Meet
11-12 Girls50 BackstrokeKate Santilena28:48.012/14/2007WAG Champs - SAND
11-12 Girls100 BackstrokeKate Santilena01:02.13/7/20072007 CA 14-Under Junior Olympics
11-12 Girls200 BackstrokeKate Santilena02:16.211/10/2007SCS SR DEV Meet
11-12 Girls50 BreaststrokeKate Santilena26:24.011/2/2007RAA SCY BRW Meet
11-12 Girls100 BreaststrokeMcKayla Sanchez01:10.72/16/20132013 SCS Club Champs
11-12 Girls200 BreaststrokeMcKayla Sanchez02:36.812/7/20122012 CA PSP Winter Age Group
11-12 Girls50 ButterflyKelly Shahan48:00.01/22/20052005 Pacific Coast Quad Meet
11-12 Girls100 ButterflyKelly Shahan01:00.21/22/20052005 Pacific Coast Quad Meet
11-12 Girls200 ButterflyKelly Shahan02:17.59/26/2004MESA ABC 09/04
11-12 Girls100 Individual MedleyKate Santilena01:04.011/2/2007RAA SCY BRW Meet
11-12 Girls200 Individual MedleyKate Santilena02:15.311/2/2007RAA SCY BRW Meet
11-12 Girls400 Individual MedleyKate Santilena04:43.711/2/2007CCAQ Oktoberfest-Corre
11-12 Girls200 Free RelayKate Santilena
11-12 Girls200 Free RelayKaitlin Alexander
11-12 Girls200 Free RelayMika Thompson01:50.811/2/2007RAA Short Course BRW
11-12 Girls200 Free RelayAnshanika Phetbenjakul
11-12 Girls400 Free RelayKate Santilena
11-12 Girls400 Free RelayAnshanika Phetbenjakul
11-12 Girls400 Free RelayMadison Gray04:08.512/14/2007SCS Winter Age Group Champs
11-12 Girls400 Free RelayMika Thompson
11-12 Girls200 Medley RelayLauren Chamberlain
11-12 Girls200 Medley RelayAmanda Buxbaum
11-12 Girls200 Medley RelayKate Santilena02:05.23/7/200714&Unders SCS JO's
11-12 Girls200 Medley RelayMika Thompson
11-12 Girls400 Medley RelayLauren Chamberlain
11-12 Girls400 Medley RelayAmanda Buxbaum
11-12 Girls400 Medley RelayMika Thompson04:37.73/7/200714&Unders SCS JO's
11-12 Girls400 Medley RelayKate Santilena
11-12 Boys50 FreestyleAidan Wilson24:00.02/16/20152015 CA RAA ED Heats and Final
11-12 Boys100 FreestyleKenji Oberlander50:24.03/12/20052005 CA JO's 03/05
11-12 Boys200 FreestyleKenji Oberlander02:00.73/11/20052005 CA JO's 03/05
11-12 Boys500 FreestyleKenji Oberlander05:21.42/6/2005TMEC
11-12 Boys1000 FreestyleJustin Schneider11:21.112/3/20152015 December Club Championships
11-12 Boys1650 FreestyleJustin Schneider19:20.311/13/20152015 CA RST BRW SC November Meet
11-12 Boys50 BackstrokeAidan Wilson24:00.012/13/20142014 CA PST/SCS Winter Age Group
11-12 Boys100 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison01:04.610/12/20122012 CA TCC BRW October SC Meet
11-12 Boys200 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison02:21.611/2/20122012 CA TMEC November Splash BR
11-12 Boys50 BreaststrokeKenji Obelander31:12.03/10/20052005 CA JO's
11-12 Boys100 BreaststrokeKenji Obelander01:06.53/12/20052005 CA JO's
11-12 Boys200 BreaststrokeKenji Oblenader02:21.52/20/20052005 CA IHAC SR 02/05
11-12 Boys50 ButterflyDaniel Ghomi16:48.011/2/2007TMEC
11-12 Boys100 ButterflyDaniel Ghomi01:04.89/12/2007TMEC
11-12 Boys200 ButterflyKenji Obelander02:31.13/10/2005TMEC
11-12 Boys100 Individual MedleyKenji Obelander01:03.13/10/20052005 CA JO's
11-12 Boys200 Individual MedleyKenji Obelander02:16.53/11/20052005 CA JO's
11-12 Boys400 Individual MedleyBenjamin Forsberg05:02.42/25/2012RST- EC Spring Champs
11-12 Boys200 Free RelayJorge Tebet
11-12 Boys200 Free RelayAdam Fenton
11-12 Boys200 Free RelayMatthew Gonzales01:52.612/14/2007SCS Winter Age Group Champs
11-12 Boys200 Free RelayDaniel Ghomi
11-12 Boys400 Free RelayJorge Tebet
11-12 Boys400 Free RelayMatthew Gonzales
11-12 Boys400 Free RelayAdam Fenton04:13.312/12/2007SCS Winter Age Group Champs
11-12 Boys400 Free RelayDaniel Ghomi
11-12 Boys200 Medley RelayDaniel Ghomi
11-12 Boys200 Medley RelayAdam Fenton
11-12 Boys200 Medley RelayJorge Tebet02:10.712/14/2007SCS Winter Age Group Champs
11-12 Boys200 Medley RelayMatthew Gonzales
11-12 Boys400 Medley RelayNathaniel Marble
11-12 Boys400 Medley RelayEvean Benito Matondo
11-12 Boys400 Medley RelayJustin Schneider04:51.112/11/20152015 Short Course Piranha Younger JO's
11-12 Boys400 Medley RelayEthan Kosmal
13-14 Girls50 FreestyleKate Santilena31:12.02/1/20082008 CA SCS/GWSC 13-Up JO's
13-14 Girls100 FreestyleSidne Hermanson31:12.012/4/20152015 December Club Championships
13-14 Girls200 FreestyleMcKayla Sanchez01:59.411/22/20142014 CA Mission Viejo Turkey C
13-14 Girls500 FreestyleMcKayla Sanchez05:10.712/13/20142014 CA PST/SCS Winter Age Group
13-14 Girls1000 FreestyleSydney Jackson10:45.812/3/20152015 December Club Championships
13-14 Girls1650 FreestyleMika Thompson18:18.18/15/2009Hillside Aquatic Team
13-14 Girls100 BackstrokeMadison Frederick01:00.02/17/2013SCS Club Champs
13-14 Girls200 BackstrokeMadison Frederick02:09.52/16/2013SCS Club Champs
13-14 Girls100 BreaststrokeMcKayla Sanchez01:07.812/21/20142014 CA December CA NV Section
13-14 Girls200 BreaststrokeMcKayla Sanchez02:27.811/22/20142014 CA Mission Viejo Turkey C
13-14 Girls100 ButterflyMcKayla Sanchez57:36.011/9/20142014 CA Kevin B. Perry Senior
13-14 Girls200 ButterflyKate Santilena02:15.512/19/20082008 CA TOYOTA SO CAL GR PRIX
13-14 Girls200 Individual MedleyMcKayla Sanchez02:10.011/8/20142014 CA Kevin B. Perry Senior
13-14 Girls400 Individual MedleyMcKayla Sanchez04:33.312/21/20142014 CA December CA NV Section
13-14 Girls200 Free RelayMcKayla Sancez
13-14 Girls200 Free RelayArianna McKinney
13-14 Girls200 Free RelayDana Lee01:47.612/14/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
13-14 Girls200 Free RelayMegan Kelley
13-14 Girls400 Free RelayMcKayla Sanchez
13-14 Girls400 Free RelayHolly Day
13-14 Girls400 Free RelayArianna McKinney04:02.312/15/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
13-14 Girls400 Free RelayMegan Kelley
13-14 Girls200 Medley RelayKate Santilena
13-14 Girls200 Medley RelayAmanda Buxbaum
13-14 Girls200 Medley RelayKristynn Thorne02:01.12/1/2008SCS & GWSC Junior Olympics
13-14 Girls200 Medley RelayLauren Chamberlain
13-14 Girls400 Medley RelayHolly Day
13-14 Girls400 Medley RelayMcKayla Sanchez
13-14 Girls400 Medley RelayDana Lee04:25.612/14/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
13-14 Girls400 Medley RelayMegan Kelley
13-14 Girls800 Free Relay
13-14 Boys50 FreestyleJack Rees16:48.02/1/20082008 CA SCS/GWSC 13-UP JO's
13-14 Boys100 FreestyleJack Rees12:00.01/19/20082008 CA TMEC Last Ditch
13-14 Boys200 FreestyleBenjamin Forsberg01:52.32/23/2014RAA Eastern Committee Champs
13-14 Boys500 FreestyleBenjamin Fobsberg04:58.412/14/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
13-14 Boys1000 FreestyleBenjamin Forsberg10:15.52/16/2013SCS Club Champs
13-14 Boys1650 FreestyleBenjamin Forsberg17:15.310/19/20132013 CA SCS October Senior Invite SC Meet
13-14 Boys100 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison16:48.011/8/20142014 CA Kevin B. Perry Senior
13-14 Boys200 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison02:01.011/9/20142014 CA Kevin B. Perry Senior
13-14 Boys100 BreaststrokeJae Shin01:03.810/17/2009RAA Oct BRW SC Meet
13-14 Boys200 BreaststrokeKenji Obelander02:03.410/5/2005TMEC
13-14 Boys100 ButterflyJack Rees33:36.02/1/20082008 CA SCS/GWSC 13-UP JO's
13-14 Boys200 ButterflyNigel Item02:06.72/20/2011RST- EC Sping Champs
13-14 Boys200 Individual MedleyNigel Item02:05.312/11/2010SCS Winter Age Group Champs
13-14 Boys400 Individual MedleyBenjamin Forsberg04:25.71/19/20142014 Winter Junior Olympics
13-14 Boys200 Free RelayGrayson Boyce
13-14 Boys200 Free RelayCameron Christian
13-14 Boys200 Free RelayHayden Cornellison01:43.512/14/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
13-14 Boys200 Free RelayBenjamin Forsberg
13-14 Boys400 Free RelayAndrew Gamaley
13-14 Boys400 Free RelayT. Luyen
13-14 Boys400 Free RelayCameron Christian03:39.612/14/20142014 CA PST/SCS Winter Age Group
13-14 Boys400 Free RelayNathan Bierle
13-14 Boys200 Medley RelayHayden Cornellison
13-14 Boys200 Medley RelayCameron Christian
13-14 Boys200 Medley RelayBenjamin Forsberg01:54.62/22/2014RAA Eastern Committee Champs
13-14 Boys200 Medley RelayNathan Bierle
13-14 Boys400 Medley RelayAndrew Gamaley
13-14 Boys400 Medley RelayCameron Christian
13-14 Boys400 Medley RelayGrayson Boyce04:08.212/13/20142014 CA PST/SCS Winter Age Group
13-14 Boys400 Medley RelayNathan Bierle
13-14 Boys800 Free Relay
15-18 Girls50 FreestyleMadison Frederick31:12.010/18/20142014 CA SCS SC Senior Invite
15-18 Girls100 FreestyleMegan Kelley38:24.011/7/20152015 Kevin Perry Senior Invite
15-18 Girls200 FreestyleEmily Moore01:52.412/6/20152015 December Club Championships
15-18 Girls500 FreestyleMadison Frederick05:08.212/13/20142014 CA PST/SCS Winter Age Group
15-18 Girls1000 FreestyleLauren Wood10:42.62/9/20122012 SCS Spring JO's
15-18 Girls1650 FreestyleLauren Wood18:03.12/12/20122012 SCS Spring JO's
15-18 Girls100 BackstrokeMadison Frederick40:48.012/20/20142014 CA December CA NV Section
15-18 Girls200 BackstrokeMadison Frederick02:02.911/9/20142014 CA Kevin B. Perry Senior
15-18 Girls100 BreaststrokeLauren Wood01:05.712/12/20142014 Speedo Winter Junior Olympics
15-18 Girls200 BreaststrokeLauren Wood02:18.11/17/20142014 Winter Sectionals
15-18 Girls100 ButterflyMcKayla Sanchez04:48.011/8/20152015 Kevin Perry Senior Invite
15-18 Girls200 ButterflyMika Thompson02:06.12/10/20112011 CA Older Junior Olympics
15-18 Girls200 Individual MedleyMcKayla Sanchez 02:08.111/8/20152015 Kevin Perry Senior Invite
15-18 Girls400 Individual MedleyMcKayla Sanchez04:28.512/4/20152015 December Club Championships
15-18 Girls200 Free RelayKyla Cooper
15-18 Girls200 Free RelayMadison Frederick
15-18 Girls200 Free RelayTaryn Kelley01:43.912/14/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
15-18 Girls200 Free RelayLeanne Sun
15-18 Girls400 Free RelayMadison Frederick
15-18 Girls400 Free RelayLauren Wood
15-18 Girls400 Free RelayKyla Cooper03:47.612/15/20132013 Winter Age Group Champs
15-18 Girls400 Free RelayLeanne Sun
15-18 Girls200 Medley RelayLeanne Sun
15-18 Girls200 Medley RelayNicole Meyerholz
15-18 Girls200 Medley RelayEllie Cope01:57.712/8/20122012 Winter Age Group Champs
15-18 Girls200 Medley RelayLauren Wood
15-18 Girls400 Medley RelayLeanne Sun
15-18 Girls400 Medley RelayLauren Wood
15-18 Girls400 Medley RelayEllie Cope04:14.612/9/20122012 Winter Age Group Champs
15-18 Girls400 Medley RelayNicole Meyerholz
15-18 Girls800 Free Relay
15-18 Boys50 FreestyleMichael Jones12:00.012/21/20142014 CA December CA NV Sectionals
15-18 Boys100 FreestyleMichael Jones21:36.012/22/20142014 CA December CA NV Sectionals
15-18 Boys200 FreestyleEvyn Kelleher01:47.111/8/20152015 Kevin Perry Senior Invite
15-18 Boys500 FreestyleDavid Riser04:52.02/12/2011Older Junior Olympics
15-18 Boys1000 FreestyleDavid Riser10:00.42/11/2011Older Junior Olympics
15-18 Boys1650 FreestyleDavid Riser16:49.72/13/2011Older Junior Olympics
15-18 Boys100 BackstrokeEvan Kelleher21:36.012/5/20152015 December Club Championships
15-18 Boys200 BackstrokeHayden Cornellison01:53.212/4/20152015 December Club Championships
15-18 Boys100 BreaststrokeBenjamin Vanderhyden01:00.312/4/20152015 December Club Championships
15-18 Boys200 BreaststrokeBenjamin Vanderhyden02:08.412/6/20152015 December Club Championships
15-18 Boys100 ButterflyNigel Item57:36.010/15/2011RAA Harvest Splash BRW
15-18 Boys200 ButterflyNick Sun02:04.012/8/20122012 Winter Age Group Champs
15-18 Boys200 Individual MedleyHayden Cornellison01:59.011/8/20152015 Kevin Perry Senior Invite
15-18 Boys400 Individual MedleyHayden Cornellison04:23.611/14/20152015 CA RST BRW SC November Meet
15-18 Boys200 Free RelayRobby Moreno-Mewes
15-18 Boys200 Free RelayWayne Wefel
15-18 Boys200 Free RelayA.J. Aldana01:35.92/23/2014RAA Eastern Committee Champs
15-18 Boys200 Free RelayJosiah Bierle
15-18 Boys400 Free RelayJacob Atkins
15-18 Boys400 Free RelayJae Shin
15-18 Boys400 Free RelayJack Rees03:22.42/13/2011Older Junior Olympics
15-18 Boys400 Free RelayAustin Aberle
15-18 Boys200 Medley RelayAustin Aberle
15-18 Boys200 Medley RelayJae Shin
15-18 Boys200 Medley RelayJack Rees01:32.12/12/2011Older Junior Olympics
15-18 Boys200 Medley RelayNick Sun
15-18 Boys400 Medley Relay
15-18 Boys800 Free Relay