TMEC athletes will move through a three-stage progression categorized as Stroke School, Competitive Training, and Senior Level Training. While all of our groups will put a major emphasis on the technical aspects of the sport each of these three stages has different goals and focuses.

Aspects of Stroke School

Stroke School 1 will swim 30 minutes with a focus on streamline, freestyle, backstroke and turns for each practice.
Stroke School 2 will swim 30 minutes with a focus on streamline, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly.

Precompetitive will swim 45 minutes with a focus on reviewing previous Stroke School skills, starts & turns, what a swim set is, and how to use a pace clock.

 All Stroke Schools will practice five days a week but daily attendance will not be required. Be aware, however, that most swimmers progress much faster when they swim more often.

Competitive Groups

There are two group levels within the 10 and under competitive groups, these groups are Age Group 2 and Age Group 1.

There are seven group levels within the 11 and over competitive groups, these groups are Competitive Readiness, Junior Bronze & Senior Bronze, Junior Silver & Junior Gold, Senior Silver & Senior Gold.

Temecula Swim Team competitive groups are structured to ensure that each swimmer has the ability to swim with their peers, both in terms of age groups and by ability. The coaching staff will work very hard to ensure that each swimmer is in the best group for that individual. This section of the website has been designed to give you all the details of each group, and hopefully answer any questions.
Competitive Training groups are designed for athletes to develop their competitive skills, work ethic and goals.

Senior Level Groups

Senior Silver and Senior Gold are our two Senior Level groups. Entry to these lasts groups will be by time, coach selection and will require additional commitment.

Senior Level Training groups are designed to get athletes ready for senior-level competition. From developmental groups, your swimmer will move on to our Senior Level Training groups.

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