What do you do at a swim meet?

tmecIMG_68291. Arrive at the pool

Generally 7:15 for the morning session and 10:30 for the afternoon session swimmers. It is always best to check the timeline posted at the events page.

2. Go to the “check-in” table

It’s usually has a long line of swimmers!
Here, you will check in for your events
They will then write your events on your hand (so you don’t forget!)

3. Find a spot in the swimmers’ team area

The team area is under the “Temecula” tarps.
Leave your bag, chair, cooler, etc. in this area

4. Find your coach

They will tell you when and where to be ready for warm-up

5. Warm-up with your team

Have your suit on and cap, goggles and towel in hand
Be ready when, and where your coach has designated for warm-up
The pool will be crowded, so watch where you’re going in your lane… we don’t want any crashes!
Don’t leave the pool until you have checked with your coach and done all that he or she wants you to do for warm-up

6. Important rules for warm-up in the pool

Enter the water feet-first; no diving
It is important during warm up to focus on your warm up. The success of you meet is reliant on a good warm up, so do not stop if you get bumped or the wall is crowded.
At the end of warm-up your coach will direct swimmers to a lane for sprints – These “sprint lanes” are for practicing dives with one-way swimming only; you must swim back to the wall in another lane

7. After the team warm-up

Find a spot in the team area
Be ready to show your team spirit… you should be spending most of your time cheering on the side of the pool!

8. During the meet

The event numbers will be announced during each heat and will also be on the scoreboard (if there is one) so you should pay attention; listen, and check often for which event is currently up
Your heat and lane assignment will be posted about five events before your upcoming race. (If you are swimming event #16, then you should check for your assigned heat and lane around event #11)
See your coach before swimming each event for some advice reminders and per event warm up if necessary
Wait behind your assigned lane until your event and heat is called

9. Your event is up! During your race

The official will blow the whistle – this means walk up to, and stand behind your starting block
There will then be a second, longer whistle – this means step up onto the starting block
The official will say “take your mark” – come down into starting position and hold still. If a swimmer is moving, then the official will tell the swimmers to “stand”, and then will pause before saying “take your mark” again
“Beep!!!”… The race is on…. get off the blocks strong and fast… race tough and remember the tips your coach gave you!
There are Three rules for every event you swim. #1 try to win your heat (you came to race and racing is using other people at or around you ability level to help you go faster) #2 never leave the water till everyone else has finished (it is an actual DQ for leaving before the whole field is finished) #3 always congratulate someone after the race (practicing good sportsmanship is essential to you success as a TMEC swimmer)
When you finish at the wall your time and place will flash on the scoreboard
The timers will also have your time. However the Time on the board and the time from the timers are not official. Wait till your time is posted for an official time.

10. After your race

Before you do anything else you must report right back to your coach to go over your race
Cool down in the designated area; your coach will tell you how much to do
Then get up to cheer for your teammates in the next race!

11. Throughout the day

Drink plenty of water or sports drink, not soda or energy drinks
Small snacks are okay – bagel, pasta, fruit and anything not too “heavy” or greasy. If you have to swim soon then just have a small bite of something for a little energy.
Have your sunscreen on, and re-apply each time you get out of the water
Most importantly… Support your teammates and have fun!