Recycling Plastic Campaign

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June 23, 2016

Plastic Recycling  as a fundraiser: As a team we drink plenty of refreshments from plastic containers, let’s cash in on the free money and recycle. Plastic containers are everywhere, collecting them is good for the community and our Club.

All swimmers, families and friends, collect and turn in those plastic bottles and contribute the proceeds to the General Fundraising fund for the Club. The General Fundraising fund is to pay for additional administrative fees, various activities, to offset cost, and pay for unexpected expenses.

This year the bulk of funds will offset the cost of WATER. If every family contributes one garbage bag of plastic per month ($6) we could potentially raise almost $23, 000 annually. This pays for one of our pools! In addition, what you give is tax deductible.

Give proceeds to Coach Jenn, Coach Nathan, or Blake Wettlaufer. Recycle containers will also be available soon on each of the decks.


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