Wiggle drill

One stroke that many swimmers struggle with is butterfly. They usually don’t struggle with over all body movement and body dolphin. Swimmers tend to struggle with correctly timing the breath during there stroke. As a way to help get my swimmers thinking about correct timing I have come up with the “wiggle drill”. I like to use the popular LMFAO song with the lyrics “wiggle wiggle wiggle ya” but have replaced it with “ wiggle wiggle wiggle pull”. I like to have my swimmers use fins when doing this drill to aide in the kick phase. This drill is compromised of three body dolphins and one pull where the swimmer starts with there hands shoulder width apart. I have the swimmer do three body dolphins and one breath on the fourth dolphin kick start the catch phase and focusing on starting the breath and breathing during the middle of there pull. I hope all you coaches and athletes enjoy this drill and I apologize for the poor quality of this video.

Coach Nathan

Michael Phelps – Butterfly 01

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